Course Detail

(Target - NTSE-2016, IIT JEE/AIPMT Foundation, OLYMPIADS & Excellence at school level)


Course Overview

With the all India scholarships available now only for class X students, there is a good reason for students to get acquainted with the rigors of preparation for a challenging exam like the NTSE. This is a critical time for students as they prepare for the upcoming board examinations as well as solidifies their foundation for the IIT JEE / AIPMT exams which are still a few years away.

Hence we have designed a course accordingly to help you excel in the board exams by providing a curriculum of study that focuses on Maths, Science, Social Studies & Mental Ability. As a result, students also gain structure and discipline required for an exam like NTSE/IIT-JEE / AIPMT / OLYMPAIDS etc. by providing a solid conceptual foundation which builds the confidence and command on the topics of study.

Appearing / Appeared for class 9th exam in year 2017

Admission Test / Course Commencement Date

Course fee (for 1 Year)

BASIC COURSE FEE: 45,000/- + SERVICE TAX*: 6,750/- = 51,750/-
*15% Service Tax has been charged as per current prevailing rates. In case of change in rate of Service Tax announced by Government, the difference will be charged accordingly.