Course Detail

(JEE Main and Advanced)


Course Overview

If you have set your aims high, if you want to touch the stars and reach the sky and more importantly - if you have the courage to say that you shall settle for nothing less than the best, then you - the XII pass student - are perfectly suited to this course. You might have realised by now that you have everything - intelligence, capability and willpower, but that you lack focussed guidance - the do’s and don’ts of IIT-JEE preparation and a stimulating atmosphere. At this juncture, we offer you our helping hand. Come, resurrect your confidence, shape-up your ideas, strengthen your foundation and get in to the top gear of IIT-JEE preparation with a course that can easily claim to be at par with the best offered anywhere in India.

Course fee (for 1 Year)

BASIC COURSE FEE: BASIC COURSE FEE: 80500/- + SERVICE TAX*: 12075/- + 1000/- (Caution Money refundable) = 93575/-
*15% Service Tax has been charged as per current prevailing rates from 01/June/2016. In case of change in rate of Service Tax announced by Government, the difference will be charged accordingly.

XII pass The Minimum percentage required will be as per the current guidelines of IIT.

Course Commencement Date


Terms and Conditions
  1. Bansal Classes reserves the right to modify / cancel / add any scholarship any time without any prior notice. Award of scholarship & rebate in course will be at the sole discretion of Bansal Classes.
  2. All Scholarships are applicable on TOTAL BASIC Fee.
  3. 14.5% Service tax is charged as per current prevailing rate. In case of any change in rate of service tax, the difference will be charged accordingly.
  4. A student can avail only one scholarship during his/her entire academic session (in one course) of Bansal Classes. In case a student is eligible for more than one scholarship under different criteria, he/she can avail only one scholarship amount whichever is higher, after submission of all relevant documents.
  5. For Scholarship On the basis of (School / Board / Other Performance): Mark sheet / Certificate (Compulsory) should be attested by the principal of the school last attended or where the student is presently studying.
  6. Once if student is awarded scholarship if any (at the time of Admission / Fee deposition), it cannot be changed in any circumstances whatsoever.
  7. Rebate:
    • 5% rebate on Onetime payment (All instalment). Rebate is applicable on Balance Amount after adjustment of scholarship if any. If the total course fee, after scholarship is less than first installment of the course fee, no rebate (any) will be applicable in that case
    • Additional 5% extra rebate to GIRL student. Rebate is applicable on Balance Amount after adjustment of scholarship if any.